Is your next big idea still on the drawing board?

Pick up any business journal, and odds are it’s packed full of stories of how the top 100 companies fast track great ideas, into new products and new ways of doing business.

The stories you rarely hear are about companies where ideas stall, take too much time to evolve … or worse, never see the light of day!
Why would you, there’s nothing very exciting to write about?

Point Well Made is a thought provoking presentation that looks at ways to change how you commuicate, so that ideas and opportunities can be spotted sooner in your business and for new projects to get off the ground faster. With real-life examples, you’ll discover a tried and tested formula that will enable everyone in your organisation to shape and pitch their ideas faster, and more effectively.

POINT WELL MADE could be the competitive edge you’re organisation has been looking for. Watch the video to find out more. 

Better mousetraps start with a better Pitch.

Point Well Made delivers:-

  • a compelling case to change the way your organisation communicates.
  • techniques to halve the time needed to prepare for meetings and presentations.
  • the ability to engage your listeners and say what you need to say – faster!
  • a better way to sequence presentation and proposal content, to paint a clearer picture, motivate ideas and win approval. 
  • better outcomes from meetings, to ultimately make better decisions.

Q. Will Point Well Made relate to our business?

A. The ideas and techniques presented can be applied universally, however it’s much easier for people to adopt new ideas if they relate directly to the world they operate in. Following a brief Skype call or telecon, Paul will create a bespoke version of the talk or workshop, to respond to your unique business environment.

Q. How long are the talk and the workshop formats?

A. Delivered as a 45 – 60 minute conference talk, Paul builds the case for changing the way you create and deliver presentations and provide tools and techniques needed to transform how you communicate. 

In a half day interactive workshop, you get time to try out the new ideas offered real-life presentation examples and a more in-depth look at how to use stories to create more impact and finding your own natural style of presentation delivery.

Q. How do we get these new techniques to stick?

A. Point Well Made is packed with practical ideas, tools and templates, that are easily repicated after the event.

To make this new approach become a permanent shift, Paul will talk about ideas for in-company initiatives to quickly enable everyone in your organisation to experience the full value of presenting and pitching ideas differently.


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