If you had just 5 words … what would they be?

The 15th annual Webby Awards hosted in New York, once again enforced a five-word limit on acceptance speeches by the winners. It’s a fun concept, however it really makes you think about how powerful short sharp messages are in comparison to the long-winded presentations we have all been subjected to. If you were asked to describe the value of your company, product or service in just five words what would you say? For me the first thought that comes to mind is “goodbye to death by PowerPoint” … or how about “getting people to really listen!”

Some of the best included Vogue editor Anna Wintour (above), who accepted the People’s Choice Award from Daniel Radcliffe with “Sometimes, geeks can be chic.”

Here are some of the really great 5-worders

Lego Star Wars III “May the force be with.”
Zappos.com: “Shoes, conveniently sold in pairs.”
Skype “Skype’d your mom last night.”
National Geographic “Our lens knows no boundaries!”
LIFE.com“A picture’s worth five words.”


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