Of course I can present like Steven Jobs … I have a black shirt.

Microsoft have a YouTube video, which is a first look at Windows 8. One would assume that the technology they have come up with is really cool … but to my mind, the presenter does very little to create the right level of excitement or passion, for a product that just might be the first decent thing to come out of Microsoft in years!

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall, in the planning meeting for this production. “Ok team … we are not sure just how successful this new product release will be, so let’s keep expenditure down. Jensen … you have a cool black shirt … could you please be our presenter? Does anyone have a HD video camera they could bring along? … the video production company we used last time were quite expensive. Perhaps we should decorate the room we’re going to present in? … try and make it look really cool like the guys down at Apple?”.

Am I being too hard on them? … have a look at the clip below and free free to leave a comment.

As a comparison, have a look at the new Google Chrome viral campaign.

The late Cubby Broccoli, who produced the majority of the James Bond Movies was asked what his success formula was … he responded “I spend 30% of the total movie budget on the opening scene”. Do you get the feeling that Microsoft might have thrown just a bit more cash at their Windows 8 viral campaign?


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