A cure for long-windedness … less is more

Presented by Paul Tomes:
This episode tells the story of a remarkable man who overcomes the challenge of a stammer, and the lessons we can all learn to deliver a crisp, high impact presentation.

Credit “The Kings Speech” Starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helen Bonham Carter

good presenters are great storytellers

Presented by Paul Tomes:
“There is still a child in all of us … and secretly we would be delighted if our clinical meetings would come to life with presentations that were coloured with great storytelling. This is the story of Rob Caskie … and the presentation lessons we can all learn from a great storyteller, who transports people back in time to tell the real stories behind the Anglo Zulu wars.

Rob Caskie, Anglo Zulu Wars Historian, armed with his favourite storytelling prop.

you could land a 747 inside it!

Presented by Paul Tomes:
Have you ever found yourself explaining something in a conversation or presentation, where you have a picture in your head … but try as hard as you may … you get the distinct impression, your audience isn’t quite seeing things the way you are? In this episode Paul talks about unusual devices to help get inside people’s heads.

you’re not going to read that speech are you?

Presented by Paul Tomes:
Many years ago I went to see Billy Connolly, the famous Scottish comedian perform in Cape Town. He was on stage for almost two hours non-stop! With his rapid fire style, it was amazing that he remembered his material, especially since it was freshly prepared gags relating to life in South Africa.

On stage was a simple wooden stool that Connolly sat on when he played his infamous banjo. Curiously, every time he passed the stool, he paused momentarily and placed his fingers lightly on the seat. Notes! Billy uses keyword notes! But he uses them exceptionally well. In business, very few people present well from notes … but there are ways round this.

slam your presentation into top gear


If we start out tired, or get tired in the middle of delivering a lengthy presentation, we are all prone to losing our sparkle and we run the risk of our audience slipping into a presentation induced coma. In this episode Paul talks about techniques to bring your presentation to life, hold attention and hammer home important points