always present with your seatbelt on

When Apple asked two ad agencies to pitch for their 1990 advertising campaign, one agency pitched the concept “now we deliver the promise” … the other “the power to be your best. In his book “From Pepsi to Apple”, John Sculley (the CEO of Apple) recalls the decision to run “The Power to be your best” campaign, being based on what he believed to be a fundamental principle of good advertising … never advertise anything from a negative perspective. “Now we deliver the promise” … runs the risk of the response “so what have you been delivering up until now?”.

Does this principle hold true for other types of advertising … or presentations? I believe it does.

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The point of the story is …

I think it happened when we were developing material for our first presentation skills programme.  Somewhere amongst the research or perhaps through interaction with colleagues, we began using the expression ‘competing for brain time’. This concept of competing for both attention and retention of information, has without doubt become even more relevant today … to the extent that we now seem to have our own internal trash can that we can that we drag and drop information into.  We only retain what we flag at the time as really important or useful.

When we stand up to present information or persuade others to follow a specific course of action, like it or not we are just a small part of a deluge of information our audience will experience, in any given day.  We are competing for brain-time more than ever.

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Of course I can present like Steven Jobs … I have a black shirt.

Microsoft have a YouTube video, which is a first look at Windows 8. One would assume that the technology they have come up with is really cool … but to my mind, the presenter does very little to create the right level of excitement or passion, for a product that just might be the first decent thing to come out of Microsoft in years!

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall, in the planning meeting for this production. “Ok team … we are not sure just how successful this new product release will be, so let’s keep expenditure down. Jensen … you have a cool black shirt … could you please be our presenter? Does anyone have a HD video camera they could bring along? … the video production company we used last time were quite expensive. Perhaps we should decorate the room we’re going to present in? … try and make it look really cool like the guys down at Apple?”.

Am I being too hard on them? … have a look at the clip below and free free to leave a comment.

As a comparison, have a look at the new Google Chrome viral campaign.

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